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Talking Together

Talking Together

Talking Together is a unique initiative that brings older adults together for stimulating conversations on a wide range of fascinating topics.  This free programme offers weekly telephone-based discussion groups which are joined from the comfort of your home.  No special technology is needed, just your telephone.  Each group, scheduled for 45 minutes, is facilitated by skilled leaders.  

Feedback from previous participants:
‘I was impressed by the ease of conversation and the respect paid to each member's opinion’
‘I found it so rewarding and I liked the experience of a group “phone in”'
‘A much-needed stimulant to my mind’
‘The warmth of the facilitator is much appreciated’  
‘A feeling of belonging in a group’
 Registration is simple:
1. choose your first and second choices of group (see below);
2. email us at OR telephone us on 01223 364303;
3. please include your full name, address and phone number.

Registration Deadline is Wednesday 5th January 2022

Talking Together Winter 2022 series (brochure can be read here)
Mondays 10 January – 21 February (no group on 14 February) 1pm 6 weeks
Whipple Museum of the History of Science
Alison Giles
The Whipple Museum in Cambridge holds an extraordinary collection of over 7000 scientific instruments and objects, dating from the medieval period to the present day. We will be looking at some of the more unusual objects in the collection, from an earthquake model to a giant frog to something which looks suspiciously like a crystal ball, exploring the questions they provoke.
Mondays 10 January – 14 February 2pm 6 weeks
Support and reminiscence group
Liz Williams
Come and talk with like-minded people about what’s on your mind - any concerns you may have, or something completely different, such as a hobby you enjoy, the book you are reading, a walk you take every now and again, a trip you have enjoyed. Share memories of days gone by or issues in your day-to-day life, knowing you won’t be judged.

Mondays 10 January – 14 February 3pm 6 weeks
Current Affairs
John Abbott
Join us as we endeavour to unscramble the issues of the day, embracing multiple forms of media and examining one or two hot news topics of the previous week.  We’ll aspire to informed debate and lively, courteous discussion while relishing some ‘you couldn’t make it up’ moments.  We may not reach a consensus, but hopefully we’ll all leave better informed!  

Thursdays 13 January – 17 February 1pm 6 weeks
Eating well for the New Year
Sally Fenn
Many of us start the new year wanting to make changes to enhance our health. How do we choose the best, balanced diet for us, that’s nutritious, delicious and doesn’t cost the earth?  We’ll consider some options – flexitarian and Mediterranean, seasonal and sustainable, raw and cooked, superfoods and comfort foods – and share thoughts, tastes and perhaps recipes.

Thursdays 13 January – 24 February (no session on 17 February) 2pm 6 weeks
Cambridgeshire Stories
Mike Petty
Mike Petty has been hearing and sharing stories of Cambridgeshire for more than 50 years; what can you add to the memories of local life? Join in a series of weekly discussions that can cover any or all areas of the County. Each week the group might draw inspiration from events taking place on that date in years past. Stories from local newspapers show that today's news has often happened before!

Thursdays 13 January – 3 February) 3pm 4 weeks
The Cam: a world-famous chalk river system
Friends of the Cam
The River Cam is associated around the world with beautiful colleges, punts and banks filled with grazing cattle. Less well known is that it is fed by a precious system of chalk aquifers now under threat from the city’s fast development. Come and discuss the importance of this water to biodiversity and human happiness, your memories of the river and what it means to you.  

Funding for Talking Together is provided by Cambridge Community Foundation, Cambridge City Council and the Evelyn Trust.
Last updated: 16 December 2021
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