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Talking Together

Talking Together
 FREE inspiring phone conversations for older adults
Summer series 2024
This summer TALKING TOGETHER, our FREE telephone-based discussion groups, are scheduled across six weeks in June / July on Monday afternoons
Choose from this selection:
·        MONDAYS 1.15pm
The history of a chimney sweep  10 June, 17 June, 24 June (3 weeks)
Joanna Hudson, facilitator
George Brewster, and 11-year-old chimney sweep’s ‘apprentice’ was sent up a boiler chimney at Fulbourn Mental Asylum by his master – a routine assignment.  Join Joanna Hudson as she looks at child labour in Victorian England and learn how George’s fate helped shape new legislation to protect young people.

·         MONDAYS 2.15pm
Events, consequences and consideration  10 June to 8 July (5 weeks)
Marian French, facilitator
Have you ever asked yourself how different things would be if X had never happened?
In each session, we will discuss pivotal events that took place in four 50-year periods beginning in 1824.  We will review their consequences and the effect on the general population of Cambridge and the surrounding district, to understand how they were viewed in the context of each period.
Week 1: 1824-1874 The Poor Law, Science, Medical advances and Transport
Week 2: 1874-1924 Employment, Effects of WW1, Education
Week 3: 1924-1974 Housing, Effects of WW2, Politics, Population explosion
Week 4: 1974-2024 Culture change, Communication, Diversity

·         MONDAYS 3.15pm
Gemstones 17 June, 1 July, 8 July (3 weeks)
Jason Middleton, facilitator
A gemstone is a piece of mineral crystal which, when cut or polished, is used to make jewellry or other adornments which are highly prized for beauty, durability and rarity.  From loose gemstones to mineral specimens, expand your gemological education and explore your own gemstone journey with Jason.

·         MONDAYS 4.15pm
Short Stories 10 June to 15 July (6 weeks)
Liz Williams, facilitator
Do you enjoy reading and discussing short stories with others? We will be discussing what defines a short story, what draws us into the plot, and how we respond to it.  Some stories will be set to read from the short story collection provided by COPE.  Alternatively, feel free to bring your own favourite story to the group.
Simply pick the group you would like to join and register:
·         by phone 01223 364303
·         by email to
·         or by completing the form inside our full colour leaflet.
Registrations for your chosen session(s) will BE ACCEPTED UNTIL Wednesday 5 June

Talking Together – your opinions welcome!

We are always interested in gathering COPE members’ opinions and reactions to Talking Together. We would particularly like to hear the views of those who have not yet participated in the series. To gather this information, we sometimes conduct telephone surveys. We hope you will be able to give us a few minutes to share your thoughts about the current programme, as well as possible topics for future discussions.
Funding for Talking Together is provided by Cambridge Community Foundation, Cambridge City Council, The Pye Foundation, The Childwick Trust and The Leys School.
Last updated: 28 May 2024
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