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Talking Together

Talking Together

Talking Together is a unique initiative that brings older adults together for stimulating conversations on a wide range of fascinating topics.  This free programme offers weekly telephone-based discussion groups which are joined from the comfort of your home.  No special technology is needed, just your telephone.  Each group, scheduled for 45 minutes, is facilitated by skilled leaders.  

Feedback from previous participants:

‘I was impressed by the ease of conversation and the respect paid to each member's opinion’
‘I found it so rewarding and I liked the experience of a group “phone in”'
‘A much-needed stimulant to my mind’
‘The warmth of the facilitator is much appreciated’  
‘A feeling of belonging in a group’
Examples of the sort of topics covered by Talking Together are in the 'Summer Groups' section below.  The Autumn 2022 series of sessions is currently being prepared, and we will send out details in September. To take part, you will need to register your interest.
 Registration is simple:
1. choose your first and second choices of group;
2. email us at OR
   telephone us on 01223 364303;
3. please include your full name, address and phone number.



Short Stories
Mondays 20 June - 25 July 1pm
Liz Williams
Short stories are “bright flashes, suddenly illuminating everything”, wrote author Dalsy Johnson.  What attracts us to a short story?  When do we like to read short stories? Are they like poems, or quite different? We can explore these ideas together.  Each week we will read a story - participants are welcome to choose one - to discuss together in the forthcoming session.

Looking through Hockney's eye
Mondays 20 June - 25 July 2pm
Prerona Prasad, Heong Gallery
David Hockney's pictures are world-famous for their dazzling compositions of figures, shapes, and colours in space. What is less well known is that Hockney's work is always driven by his ideas on looking, seeing and depiction. Look through Hockney's eye at the works in the current exhibition at The Heong Gallery, Hockney's Eye: The Art and Technology of Depiction, and discover different ways of seeing the world around you.

Burwell - history of a Fen-edge village
Mondays 20 June - 25 July 3pm
Alison Giles, Burwell Museum and Windmill
Burwell Museum and Windmill tell the story of one Cambridgeshire village, but objects in our collections relate to everyday life in the history of thousands of villages like it. We will be using the museum’s collections to think about our own experiences of themes such as toys and games, transport and tools. We will start with one key museum object for each theme, but where things go after that will be up to the group!

Skies, Trees & Water: journeys into nature with the art of the Fitzwilliam Museum
Thursdays 23 June - 28 July 1pm
Sarah Villis, Fitzwilliam Museum
Join Sarah to discover nature through the eyes of artists. Taking a different painting each week from the Fitzwilliam’s collection we will explore skies, trees and water. We will take time to notice details, how artists have used colour to create mood, texture, atmosphere and how this all comes together to immerse us into nature. Sarah will also share some stories from the artists' lives and the artworks in hand. Copies of the artworks will be sent to participants in advance.

Mary Anning and Adam Sedgwick: class, gender and sea monsters
Thursdays 23 June - 14 July 3pm (4 weeks)
Nicola Skipper, Sedgwick Museum
Nineteenth century Lyme Regis fossil hunter Mary Anning has captured our imaginations for a long time. The story of how her contribution to scientific study was overlooked and marginalised by men of science has been told by many.  How is this story reflected in the Sedgwick Museum’s collections?  What can they tell us about gender and class in nineteenth century science - and why are they important today?

Funding for Talking Together is provided by Cambridge Community Foundation, Cambridge City Council and the Evelyn Trust.
Last updated: 18 August 2022
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