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Talking Together

Talking Together

Talking Together is a unique initiative that brings older adults together for stimulating conversations on a wide range of fascinating topics.  This free programme offers weekly telephone-based discussion groups which are joined from the comfort of your home.  No special technology is needed, just your telephone.  Each group, scheduled for 45 minutes, is facilitated by skilled leaders.  

Feedback from previous participants:
‘I was impressed by the ease of conversation and the respect paid to each member's opinion’
‘I found it so rewarding and I liked the experience of a group “phone in”'
‘A much-needed stimulant to my mind’
‘The warmth of the facilitator is much appreciated’  
‘A feeling of belonging in a group’
 Registration is simple:
1. choose your first and second choices of group (see below);
2. email us at OR telephone us on 01223 364303;
3. please include your full name, address and phone number.


Talking Together Spring 2022 series (brochure can be read here)

The Spring 2022 series of Talking Together starts on 21 March: details of discussion topics are below.  
Poet's Corner – Liz Williams
Mondays 21 March – 25 April 1pm (no session on 18 April)
Liz invites you to an inspirational conversation about poetry in the company of other people who have a love of poetic magic. Please bring to the first session a poem that has resonated with you; everyone can then discuss what the poem has said to them. The group will move at its own pace, looking in a fresh way at words and their ability to connect us with our inner wisdom and our sense of life's joys and simple pleasures.
Museum of Cambridge – Alex Smaridge
Mondays 21 March – 25 April 2pm (no session on 18 April)
Join the Museum of Cambridge as each week we explore stories about local people who have shaped and influenced our world. We will cover topics like scientific development, music, sport, literature and arts, meeting figures who have played a part in the city's history. We will use resources and archive material from our online database, Capturing Cambridge, to shed light on the lives of people who have walked the streets of Cambridge.

A journey through Wicken Fen – Tony Winchester
Mondays 21 March – 25 April 3pm (no session on 18 April)
Volunteer ranger Tony Winchester will take you on a journey through the reserve, talking about the conservation work that happens there, the natural world that we can encounter, and the effect this special place has on people.  Join Tony with your own thoughts and experiences of nature, wildlife and the beautiful Fen landscapes around us.
Water: its role in Cambridge Lives – Tamsin Wimhurst
Mondays 21 March – 25 April 4pm
Water is always in our lives in one form or other and is central to the history of any home, village, town or city.  These sessions will focus on bringing back your memories of watery times.  What can you remember of swimming, travel, laundry and keeping clean?  Each chat will start with a short talk looking at the history of the subject through the lives of the people of Cambridge – a city that has always had the river at the heart of it.

Stories of young Americans in Britain during WW2 – American Cemetery staff
Thursday 24 March – 28 April 1pm
This year marks the 80th anniversary of the arrival of US troops in the UK during WW11, known as Operation Bolero.  The first soldiers to disembark did so at Dufferin Quay, Belfast, Northern Ireland. Between 1941-1946 nearly 3.5 million americans passed through Britain, in what became known as The Friendly Invasion. They came from all walks of life, and all over America, in order to carry out diverse roles – who were they?
Crime Writing – Leigh Chambers
Thursday 24 March – 28 April 2pm
Crime is the biggest selling genre of books, and who doesn’t like a good mystery? Whether it’s an Ann Cleeves Shetland whodunnit, a classic Ruth Rendell or an intriguing Agatha Christie cosy? In this series we’ll be reading and discussing specific crime novels, following the clues and avoiding the red herrings, as well as looking at the bigger question of what makes a good puzzle and why we like to be challenged.
Funding for Talking Together is provided by Cambridge Community Foundation, Cambridge City Council and the Evelyn Trust.
Last updated: 8 March 2022
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